First Novel Update

As none of you know (because no one reads this blog, yet), I'm working on my first novel. This will be my first "update" about it and my progress. The working title is "Breaking Free," it will probably be told entirely from the second person point of view, and I'm approximately 5,000 words in. I don't…Read more First Novel Update

Isn’t it Strange?

"Oh, isn't it strange? How we move our lives for another day. It's like skipping a beat." --Dave Matthews Band - Pig I spend most of my days preparing for a future time, a future me, a future us. I get bogged down planning and accumulating things, both physical and mental. Savings accounts, 401k's, IRAs,…Read more Isn’t it Strange?

Routine – Good or Bad?

I've always been someone who craves a routine. If I fall out of my routine, I fall apart. I'm a big believer in the importance of routine for being productive and accomplishing things in life because I've heard many, many successful people extolling the virtues of having a routine. I have always believe routine to…Read more Routine – Good or Bad?

The Courage to Write Badly

By: Thomas Belskie August 2, 2017 Have you ever googled "how to write?" It's OK, I have. I've done it more than once. After you lose that initial enthusiasm that propels you forward on a new project, it can be very difficult to force yourself to keep going. You get stuck. You abandon the project.…Read more The Courage to Write Badly

Day 1 of the August Challenge

By: Thomas Belskie August 1, 2017 I'm not going to write a blog post about everyday of the one month challenge because that would be an easy way to cheat and get the thirty-one new blog posts without much effort. But, just for today, as a reminder the challenge is: Morning Pages every morning (or…Read more Day 1 of the August Challenge